Alert Notice 527: 17 Cataclysmic variables to be observed by William Herschel Telescope

August 26, 2015: Roque Ruiz-Carmona (Ph.D. candidate, Institute of Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands) has requested AAVSO assistance with his campaign to observe (a new set of) 17 cataclysmic variables (CVs) with the William Herschel Telescope (WHT) next week. This campaign is nearly identical in format to the one carried out by the AAVSO on his behalf in July (AAVSO Alert Notice 524). The success of that campaign prompted him to ask for the AAVSO's assistance in this new campaign.

In order for WHT to observe each of the targets safely and to maximize the science value of the observations obtained, it is essential to know whether they are in outburst or quiescence. To this end, the PI has requested our observers to obtain one image of each target on each of TWO separate nights so he may analyze them to determine the final observing list for WHT.

One image of every target should be obtained:

 - between 31 August 17:00UT and 1 September 17:00 UT
 - between 1 September 17:00UT and 2 September 17:00 UT

***The images must be posted to the thread no later than 2 September 18:00 UT.***

Observers should post their images to the thread ("Second 17 PTF CVs campaign") that has been created in the AAVSO Campaigns & Observation Reports forum (, and include the date/time, filter, and exposure in the posting.

It is not necessary for observers to determine and submit a magnitude estimate of each target, just to obtain the images and place them where the PI can access them. Any filter may be used, and raw or reduced images of each target may be posted in the forum.

Only one image per observer per target per night should be submitted. Please do not submit multiple images of any target obtained by you on the same night.

An observer does not have to take images of the same targets on both nights (although that would be ideal); if conditions change between the nights, whatever images can be obtained will be extremely helpful.

The table of targets is given below. Some of the targets are quite faint, and stacking of images may be necessary. The maximum size of an image file that can be uploaded to the Forum thread is 40 MB, so if any files are larger, please trim the image(s).


PTF ID Primary Name RA (2000) Dec (2000) Mag_min Mag_outb. Type Priority
PTFS1101b OT J012059.6+325545 01:20:59.60 +32:55:44.8 20.0 CV 12.1 V UGWZ High
PTFS1201n AY Psc 01:36:55.46 +07:16:29.2 17.4 CR 14.4 CR UGZ+E High
PTFS1101aa BG Ari 01:51:51.88 +14:00:47.2 20 CV 14.7 CV UGSU High
PTFS1402au CSS 101214:021308+184416 02:13:07.96 +18:44:15.8 19.75 r 15.86 CV UG High
PTFS1103i CP Eri 03:10:32.78 -09:45:06.3 19.7 V 16.1 V UG/IBWD High
PTFS1118x V344 Lyr 18:44:39.17 +43:22:28.1 19 V 13.8 V UGSU High
PTFS1119h V1504 Cyg 19:28:56.45 +43:05:37.3 17.4 p 13.5 p UGSU High
PTFS1120q SDSS J204817.85-061044.8 20:48:17.87 -06:10:45.0 20 CR 14.9 CR UGSU High
PTFS1120t QT Aqr 20:59:14.87 -06:12:20.5 19.3 CV 15.2 CV UG High
PTFS1121y QU Aqr 21:00:14.11 +00:44:46.0 18.8 V 16.1 V UGSU High
PTFS1121aq CSS 110513:210846-035031 21:08:46.44 -03:50:32.6 19.6 CV 14.9 CV UGSS+E High
PTFS1121at PNV J21095047+1348396 21:09:50.47 +13:48:39.5 19 R 11.5 R UGWZ High
PTFS1121b VZ Aqr 21:30:24.63 -02:59:17.6 18.4 V 12.0 V UGSS High
PTFS1122u SDSS J220553.98+115553.7 22:05:53.99 +11:55:53.7 21.1 CV 14.3 CV UGWZ High
PTFS1122as V521 Peg 22:21:44.79 +18:40:08.3 17.5 V 11.8 V UGSU High
PTFS1122t V367 Peg 22:45:00.73 +16:55:13.3 18.02 r 15.8 B UG High
PTFS1123ac NSV 14652 23:38:48.67 +28:19:54.9 19.2 CV 14.9 CV UGSU High


Observers should use a combination of AAVSO charts and charts supplied by the PI. Finder charts with sequences may be created using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP); photometry tables are also available via VSP.

PDF images of PTF (Palomar Transient Factory) close-up finder charts containing the targets and offset stars chosen by the PI may be downloaded here: ( Please be sure that each image includes the offset stars, especially if you trim it so its size is less than 40MB.

Because the windows for observation by AAVSO observers are relatively short and the target list is quite long, it is recommended that observers coordinate their observing plans so that all of the targets are covered on both nights if at all possible. Please use the forum thread given above to post what targets you plan to observe; if you see that more difficult targets are not being covered and you can observe them, your doing so would be greatly appreciated.

Once all images have been posted to the campaign thread, observers are encouraged to reduce their images using the sequences available via VSP, and submit them to the AAVSO International Database using the primary names (not PTF names) as given in the table above. DO NOT USE magnitudes given in the PTF charts for data reduction.

This AAVSO Alert Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.


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