AAVSO Board Officers and Members - Heather Laird


Heather Laird

(Board member 2021-2023)

I still see myself as a beginner in amateur astronomy with an interest in astrophysics, theoretical physics, and history; hoping and intending to continue studies in those areas either as an amateur or a student. I began volunteering in the Canadian amateur astronomy community on a local level in Calgary, Alberta in 2013, and later on a national level until the end of 2019. (I served as a National Council Representative for RASC Calgary Centre from 2013–2016, and as RASC National Director from 2015 to the end of 2019. I served on many committees, as well as Chaired the society's first Fundraising Committee.) Now, as I continue to volunteer on a local level here in Canada with RASC Calgary Centre, I have been volunteering as an Ambassador Leader with the AAVSO's Ambassador Program and as Chair of the AAVSO Diversity Committee. Happy and excited to bring a new perspective as a volunteer board member with the AAVSO!

Other than bombarding my mind with all things related to the Universe, I am a lover of boardgames and cats; I also enjoy painting, writing, reading, photography, hiking, music, and spending time with friends and family.