AAVSO Board Officers and Members - Michael Cook

Michael Cook

(Council member 2017-2019)

I am a retired land use planner from a regional (county) level government with 30 years experience in the formulation of public policy that guides the long range residential and non- residential development of the region. I have been an amateur astronomer for over 35 years and member of the AAVSO since 2010. Using my robotic observatory, I have collected and contributed over 60,000 CCD observations to the AID, mostly of LPVs and CVs, and have participated in many Alert and Special campaign notices. I am also an avid participant in Pro-Am variable star monitoring collaborations, and have had the good fortune to have helped with the publication of dozen papers on a wide-range of variable star targets. I have taught three CHOICE courses over the last several years, and always look forward to another cycle of students through this fantastic AAVSO resource. I am currently serving on the AAVSO Program Services Committee and helping to address innovative ways and means to deliver the many existing (and potentially new) benefits to the membership. I thoroughly enjoy attending AAVSO Spring and Fall meetings so that I can meet the members and listen to what they need from the AAVSO to help them with discovering the universe through variable stars observation. I was co- founder of the Durham Region Astronomical Association (DRAA) in 2001; serving as President to the Fall of 2017. During my 16-year tenure, I coordinated fundraising for the DRAA and advocated and delivered an extensive astronomy public outreach program for all segments of society for the purposes of recruiting new members. I also coordinated a light pollution awareness campaign with local governments which resulted in the adoption and implementation of outdoor lighting guidelines for new development, and the replacement of roadway lighting with full cut-off fixtures in many local areas. My interests in serving on Council are to help address the best possible use of limited AAVSO resources that benefits the broadest cross-section of the membership while advocating that the Association remains true to its core business.