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AAVSOnet status, 2019-01-18

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AAVSOnet status, 2019-01-18

Welcome to 2019!   George Silvis and Cliff Kotnik are working on improving the processing pipeline, adding checks to ensure proper processing, and informative email responses from the programs.  Mike Nicholas has been adding new projects to the observing queues and updating the web pages.  Helmar Adler has been testing improvements to autofocusing and building a dark frame aquisition script.  As usual, there are a couple of dozen other volunteers who are running the systems, providing guidance in the background, and doing image inspections.  Without their help, there would be no AAVSOnet!

Here is the status of the various AAVSOnet systems.

BSM_Berry.  This system is currently off-line.  Greg Bolt had been running for a couple of months with his personal ST8 camera after the original camera failed.  Dick Post has donated an ST8 camera for BSM_Berry, which has not yet been sent to Perth.  In the meantime, the CGEM mount has failed.  We are working on restoring this system to operation, but it may take a month or two.

BSM_Hamren.  This system is currently off-line.  Gary Walker is making a new "Rollup" enclosure for this system, expected to be completed in a few weeks.  At the same time, we are upgrading the mount to one of the loaned Tzec Maun Paramount ME mounts.  Mike Linnolt has installed a shipping container, solar power and internet on his observing site in preparation for the updated system.  We will either provide the BSM_NH2 ST8 camera for Mike's use, or purchasing an equivalent CMOS camera.

BSM_NH2.  This system is operational.  We are using it as a test-bed to improve operational efficiency, and to evaluate real-time calibration.

BSM_NM.  This system is operational.

BSM_S.  This system is operational.

BSM_TX.  We are still working on this system, but hope to have it on-line shortly.

SRO.  This system is operational.

OC61.  The focuser mechanism has failed again.  Nigel Frost has sent the two controllers to his electronic shop where they have been repaired.  However, the focuser stepper motor appears to have been damaged on the last failure and needs to be replaced.  We anticipate operation in about a week.

TMO61.  This system is operational after the high-gain wifi antenna was repaired.  However, the archival computer at NMSU is broken, and we cannot retrieve any of the recent imagery!  When this computer is replaced, we'll transfer all recent data and calibrate it.


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