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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-10-16

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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-10-16

Big changes are underway on AAVSOnet.  Thanks to the Tzec Maun Foundation for providing Paramount ME mounts and Takahashi E-180 astrographs on long-term loan, and Dick Post's generous contributions, both BSM_S and BSM_Berry have now received their upgraded equipment.  It will take a month or two for those sites to install the new equipment.  Cliff Kotnick and George Silvis continue their improvements to the HQ pipeline.  Cliff, for example, has written new Python scripts to replace the Perl scripts that did most of the logic for the pipeline, improving several areas.  Ken Menzies and Helmar Adler have been updating software and working on autofocus routines.  Gary Walker has been trimming filters and upgrading enclosures.  Many other volunteers continue inspecting images and running telescopes.

BSM_Berry.  Operational. Greg has installed the ZWO ASI183mm-pro camera and new computer on the original AT72 astrograph, as a temporary step towards the full upgrade.  New images from this setup should be available soon.

BSM_Hamren.  Operational.  Gary has moved the actuators outboard to give more room inside of the enclosure.

BSM_NH2.  Operational.  Arne just installed a dual filterwheel to both give more filter slots and to study the engineered diffuser that Jerry Hubbell pioneered and a neutral density filter to see if they can be used to improve photometric precision.  An SA200 grating was also installed at this time and can be requested via the AAVSOnet proposal form.

BSM_NM.  Operational.

BSM_S.  Offline.  While Peter has repaired the CGEM mount, he is in the midst of modifying the pier to install the new Paramount ME mount.

BSM_TX.  Operational.

OC61. Operational.  We are waiting for delivery of the new mount controller, and then will ship the new camera, filterwheel and mount controller to New Zealand.

SRO.  Operational.

TMO61.  Coming back to life.  The system was off-line this summer while university crews refurbished the observatory.  The original QSI 583 camera is still being used, with a new QHY600 camera being tested before installation.



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