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Annual Campaign 2017

Supporting Citizen Astronomy

“Citizen astronomer” may be a new term, but it’s hardly a new concept. Leslie Peltier and you, as members the AAVSO, belong to one of the oldest and most consequential citizen science organizations in the world. All over the world, citizen scientists undertake all kinds of interesting projects: from counting crows to tracking the budding date of backyard trees; from identifying galaxies to classifying scanned images of historical journal articles. When you observe and report your estimates and observations—whether visual, photometer, or CCD—you are today’s citizen astronomer.


The mission of the AAVSO—our common goal—as amateur astronomers, as professional astronomers, as the “citizen astronomers” of the AAVSO, is to enable anyone, anywhere, to participate in scientific discovery through variable star astronomy. Today, the AAVSO is asking for your financial help to insure the continuation of our work. Over the years, your membership has made a difference. And going forward, your donation will make a difference.

Letter from the Director 

Timeline of Annual Campaign

The annual fundraising campaign for the AAVSO will begin on May 1 and end on September 1, a special extension of our normal campaign to allow everyone to enjoy the solar eclipse this August.  We will keep everyone informed of our progress toward our goal of $40,000 dollars (total) throughout the summer and we hope that everyone can make a contribution appropriate for their resources.  Every contribution helps!

Annual Campaign Matching Challenge

To help motivate our observers, members and other supporters to contribute to the AAVSO Annual Campaign, the following individuals have pledged to match all contributions dollar for dollar up to $15,000.  Help us take full advantage of these generous pledges by donating what you can today. Special thanks to Richard Berry, Joyce Guzik, David Hinzel, Rodney Howe, Arlo Landolt, Kevin Marvel, Gordon Myers, Richard Post, Gary Walker and Doug Welch.

The Citizen Astronomer Promoter (CAP) Challenge

AAVSO Vice President and fundraising committee chair, Kevin Marvel, is sponsoring a special Citizen Astronomer Promoter (CAP) challenge for this year’s annual campaign.  Everyone who donates $250 or more, will receive a special Citizen Astronomer Promoter baseball cap that will be mailed out in September.  Show your support for Citizen Astronomers everywhere by contributing $250 or more today.

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