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Thank you for your interest in the APASS Catalog.  If it helps your research, please let us know!


  • RA & Dec. can be in sexagesmial (HH:MM:SS, DD:MM:SS) or decimal degrees
  • Coordinates are equinox J2000, but are measured on epoch of observation without any precession.
  • Information on APASS is available here.
  • For CSV output, the filename has the format "apass_(RAdeg)_(DECdeg)_(radius).csv"
  • Radius is currently limited to 15 degrees or less. If you need a larger query, or if you need data for a large list of individual stars, please contact us. Queries in rich star fields may take several minutes to complete.
  • To speed up the query the result is actually the square with sides 2 x radius.
  • APASS DR 8 and subsequent data releases are available on VizieR and the Virtual Observatory.

In the past people have figured out the url parameters needed to call this query utility as an API. That's okay with us if it is not done to excess. But there have been over 5.2 million calls to this service in the last six years, 93% of them from 10 institutions. That is not okay as it is an unreasonable load on our servers. If you need that kind of access then you should download the APASS db in its entirety and serve the query tool on your own hardware. We can show you how here.

If you want to use the API for this service and will do so within reason, please contact

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484