AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

Adopted Stars

The following is a list of variable stars adopted through the Adopt A Variable Star Program and the AAVSO supporters who have adopted them. Anyone who is a registered user of the AAVSO website can adopt one or more stars for a year by donating $50.00 (tax deductible in the US) per star. There is no limit to the number of stars you can adopt or the number of people who can adopt a specific variable star. Make sure your favorite variable star is represented and adopt it today!

Thank you for supporting the AAVSO through your Adopt A Variable Star donations.

  • M31 V0619
    • M31 H1
  • WZ Cas
    • Mark A. Bradbury
  • V1318 Cyg S
    • lynne hillenbrand
  • KIC 8462852
    • Tabby Boyajian
  • U Gem
    • Lawrence & Vincentina Krozel
  • zet Gem
    • Ali Asim Wasti
  • NSV 3712
    • Prof. Gerald and Nina Holton
  • BL Lac
    • Sir Martin Rees
  • alf Ori
    • James Bedient (BJS)
  • CM Tau
    • Virginia Trimble