AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

XZ Psc -- 2020-10-20

For visualization purposes only, this spectrum has been normalized such that the value of the central wavelength data point is one. For unnormalized flux, please refer to the observation file which can be downloaded above.

Record ID: 000-BCS-081_PGD_2459142.65525
Uploaded: 2020-10-20 17:38:47
Observer: PGD
Date Observed: 2020-10-20 ( 2459142.65525 )
Equipment: SPEC100
Site: La Luz

Star Info

Name: XZ Psc
Right Ascension: 23:54:46.62 (358.69425)
Declination: 0:06:33.516 (0.10931)
Variability Type: SR
Period: Not found
Epoch: Not found
Maximum Magnitude: 5.61 V
Minimum Magnitude: 5.97 V
Spectral Type: M5III
Discoverer: Not found
Category: Variable

Equipment: SPEC100

Telescope: Meade 10" ACF
Aperture: [m]
Spectroscope: SPEC100 (homebuilt prism instrument)
Resolution: 7000.0
Imager/CCD: QHY9m

Site: La Luz

Latitude: 33.0
Longitude: -106.0
Altitude: 1828.0 [m]