AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

A Photometric Study of Five Low Mass Contact Binaries

Volume 47 number 2 (2019)

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Edward J. Michaels
Stephen F. Austin State University, Department of Physics, Engineering and Astronomy, P.O. Box 13044, Nacogdoches, TX 75962; emichaels@sfasu.edu


Presented are precision multicolor photometry and the results of light curve modeling for five recently discovered contact binary systems: V338 Dra, NSVS 6133550, V1377 Tau, NSVS 3917713, and V2802 Ori. These systems all have orbital periods of less than 0.3 d and stellar effective temperatures less than solar. The photometric solutions derived from the Wilson-Devinney program resulted in contact configurations for each system. The solution mass ratios should be well determined since the light curves of each system exhibited total eclipses. A reliable mass ratio allowed absolute parameters of the component stars to be estimated. Light curve asymmetries were apparent in all five stars. These were attributed to magnetic activity and were modeled as cool and hot spots on the stars.