AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

35,000 Radial Velocities for 348 Stars from the Tennessee State University Automatic Spectroscopic Telescope

Volume 48 number 1 (2020)

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Joel A. Eaton
7050 Bakerville Road, Waverly, TN 37185; eatonjoel@yahoo.com


This paper presents radial velocities from a robotic telescope for stars that mainly have solar-type spectra (neutral iron-peak elements). These stars are mainly spectroscopic binaries, many of which are variables of various sorts. Data for such stars have measured random errors of roughly 0.1 km/s. We also publish velocities for a number of hotter stars for which the uncertainties are greater. The measured velocities are given in three electronic files at the AAVSO ftp site (ftp://ftp.aavso.org/public/datasets) as the .tar file AST-RVs-JAAVSO-481.tar). There are also .jpg plots of the data, electronic lists of the stars, and a fortran program for extracting data for a particular star from the data files. The data cover roughly the Julian Dates 2452800–2455100 (09 June 2003–25 September 2009).