AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

The New Mittelman Observatory—A Professional Quality Robotic Telescope (Abstract)

Volume 48 number 1 (2020)

Arne Henden
106 Hawkins Pond Road, Central Harbor, NH 03226; ahenden@gmail.com


(Abstract only) David Mittelman, before his untimely passing, acquired the 95-cm Princeton University Boller and Chivens telescope. This has been converted into an f/4 Newtonian system and installed next to New Mexico Skies. Refurbishment efforts are nearly complete, and the telescope is available on a shared-risk basis with a 4k × 4k CCD camera and photometric filters. Other instrument ports may support a spectrograph and a lucky imaging camera in the future, as well as a visual eyepiece. Photos of the refurbishment effort and some first-light images will be presented.