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Arthur Ritchie


Art's real interest in astronomy developed at a Lexington Senior Center class during 1995. For more than three years he took lessons from a retired M.I.T. professor who taught astronomy and geology. Near the end of the classes, he met Carl Feehrer and became interested in AAVSO activities. Carl was able to get him helping in the AAVSO's Solar Division in 1999.

Art has lived in Lexington, Mass., most of his life. He is married to Dorothy whom he met while in the navy stationed in California. He then went overseas and served in the Pacific as a weather observer on a Destroyer Tender.

After the war, Art returned to Boston and attended Northeastern University where he earned a degree in civil engineering. Later he took night courses in business administration. He worked 40 years as an estimator in the structural steel fabrication and field erection business. He worked at estimating, design, and sales.

Art and Dot have been active campers and enjoyed hiking, sunfish sailing, and canoeing. After Art graduated from Northeastern University, they spent ten weeks pup-tenting across the U.S. Since then, they usually go to National Parks and Monuments for their vacations.

Art has also done volunteer work in scouting and church boys' groups, as well as a period of wordworking projects with a local 4th grade.

Art feels fortunate at having the group at AAVSO to work with. He mainly comes in to the office to help with solar work or anything else that needs to be done. He has also been a regular solar observer for several years.

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484