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Astrokolkhoz - coming online gradually (Sept 2012)

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Astrokolkhoz - coming online gradually (Sept 2012)

Monsoon appears to be winding down, so it's time for Astrokolkhoz to start operations for the new observing season.

I'm trying to bring one or two scopes online each night (polar alignment, new pointing model, calibration frames, etc.).  Last night (17 Sept UT) BSM and Wright 28 started taking data once again.

Give it a few days, or maybe next week...and images should start showing up in VPHOT and ftp accounts.

If you sent me messages about targets/exposure adjustments, etc. over the summer...I'm digging through my archives and making changes.  Please keep sending feedback so that we are taking the bset possible data for your projects.

New for this season will be Wheaton46 (18-inch Centurion telescope made by Astroworks/Jim Riffle).  I'm also hosting an 8-inch LS/200 GPS for an AAVSO member.  Once they are running we'll have ten scopes operational on the hill.

Most importantly:  send new project proposals!  More scopes means we have openings in the schedule.

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Awesome news!  I was just

Awesome news!  I was just about to post asking what the status was since it's been clearing up in Phx but you beat me to it.

Thanks so much!



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