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Barnard variable in M3

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Barnard variable in M3


I can't find Barnard's variable in M3 (
There is nothing to find (that fits the description) very close to position 13 42 11.734 +28 22 13.71 in VSX

What am I missing?


Sebastian Otero
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Globular cluster variables

Hi Bruno,

This is because we don't systematically include globular cluster variables in VSX.

In the past the decision was made because their positions weren't accurate enough and those variables would cluster any chart if added altogether.
Eventually we will likely include them. As for now, we are adding them individually if there is interest in study any of them.
I have added this one to VSX:


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Thx!! Lot's of variables in

Thx!! Lot's of variables in M3, but this one is pretty bright.

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