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BSM Backlog

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BSM Backlog

As far as S Dor is concerned, is there in fact a backlog of images needing to be analysed from BSM_S and BSM_Berry?

If so, is it the intention threat these images be processed in due course?

How large might that backlog be - for example, how many sets of 4 images in each year?


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BSM backlog

Hi Paul,

Yes, there is a backlog at this moment.  As far as typical image collection in a year, for 2018 there were 20 datasets from BSM_S and 116 datasets from BSM_Berry, so something in the 100-150 datasets per year is probably reasonable.

I'm in the process of bringing the epoch photometry databases up to date, and so will handle the analysis up through 2018.  That will give you something to compare against with the 2019 analysis.  I should be done in a couple of weeks.


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