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AAVSO Alert Notice

Alert Notice 416: Nova in Sagittarius (V5585 Sgr = N Sgr 2010)

January 31, 2010

Event: Nova in Sagittarius (V5585 Sgr = N Sgr 2010)

Discovered By: John Seach, Chatsworth Island, NSW, Australia

Discovery Date: Jan. 20.72 UT

Discovery Magnitude: approximately 8.5, using a DSLR with 50-mm f/1.4 lens and orange filter

Position: RA: 18:07:26.95 , Dec: -29:00:43.6 (equinox 2000.0)
from K. Nishiyama, Kurume, Fukuoka-ken, Japan, and F. Kabashima, Miyaki-cho, Saga-ken, Japan, from their image taken 2010 January 23.892

Alert Notice 415: Recurrent Nova U Scorpii in outburst

January 28, 2010
Object: U SCO
Coordinates: R.A. 16h 22m 30.80s Dec. -17o 52' 43.0" (2000.0)

Alert Notice 412: Nova Sct 2009 (V496 Sct)

November 10, 2009

Event: Nova in Scutum (V496 Sct == N Sct 2009)

Discovered By: H. Nishimura (Miyawaki, Kakegawa, Japan)

Discovery Date: 2009 November 8.370 UT

Alert Notice 488: Observations of AA Tau requested to schedule XMM-Newton

August 1, 2013: Dr. Hans Moritz Guenther (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) has requested nightly observations of the classical T Tauri star AA Tau in order to schedule x-ray observations with XMM-Newton that have been planned for between 2013 August 15 and September 15.

Alert Notice 487: Supernova 2013dy in NGC 7250 = PSN J22181760+4034096

July 19, 2013

Event: Supernova 2013dy in NGC 7250 (Lacerta) = PSN J22181760+4034096

Independent discovery by:
 - Lick Observatory Supernova Search (LOSS), reported by C. Casper, W. Zheng, W. Li, and A. V. Filippenko (University of California at Berkeley) and S. B. Cenko (Goddard Space Flight Center)
 - Kuniaki Goto (Miyoshi-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan), communicated by Shoichi Itoh (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

Alert Notice 486: Spectroscopy and photometry campaign on three bright Wolf Rayet stars

June 26, 2013: Dr. Noel Richardson (Université de Montréal) is helping coordinate a very large ProAm campaign (over 20 professional and amateur astronomers) this summer on three bright Wolf Rayet stars in Cygnus. Dr. Richardson, fellow co-PIs Drs. Tony Moffat (Université de Montréal), Nicole St.-Louis (Université de Montréal), and Thomas Eversberg (Schnoerringen Telescope Science Institute, Waldbroel, Germany), and their colleagues invite AAVSO spectroscopists and photometrists to participate in this campaign.

Alert Notice 485: AG Dra monitoring requested for multiwavelength campaign

June 20, 2013: Dr. Andrea Dupree (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) has requested AAVSO monitoring of the symbiotic variable AG Draconis from now through at least September 2013 for correlation with upcoming Chandra x-ray and HST ultraviolet observations.

Alert Notice 484: Nova Sco 2013 = PNV J17335943-3606216 [V1533 Sco]

June 4, 2013:

Event: Nova Sco 2013 = PNV J17335943-3606216 [V1533 Sco]

Discovered by: Koichi Nishiyama (Kurume, Japan) and Fujio Kabashima (Miyaki, Japan)

Discovery Magnitude: unfiltered CCD magnitude 11.1, from two 40-s unfiltered CCD frames, using a 105-mm f/4 camera lens (+SBIG STL6303E camera)

Discovery date: 2013 June 03.6146 UT


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