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Special Notice #58: SN 2007gr in NGC 1058

August 16, 2007: As published in CBET 1034 by D. Madison and W. Li, Supernova 2007gr was discovered at magnitude 13.8 by KAIT on August 15.53 UT, and is currently at magnitude 13.5 on August 16.47. It is located in the bright spiral galaxy NGC 1058, approximately 30 arcseconds northwest of the nucleus.

The coordinates of the supernova are (J2000):

RA: 02:43:27.98     Dec: +37:20:44.7

Special Notice #59: Update on SN 2007gr

August 19, 2007: Data for SN 2007gr can now be submitted to the AAVSO using the following Harvard Designation and/or name: 0237+36B SN 2007GR

Latest report from Martin Nicholson is that the SN is at V=12.83 and continuing to rise. The two prior SNe in NGC 1058 both reached a peak brightness about this level, so SN 2007gr may not get much brighter.

Special Notice #61: N Vul 07 is now V458 Vul

August 22, 2007: CBET 1038 reports that the GCVS team has given the nova the formal name of V458 Vul. Please use 1950+20 V458 Vul for all future submissions through WebObs.

Special Notice #56: N Vul 07 [V458 Vul]

August 9, 2007: N Vul 07 (CBET 1027, AAVSO Special Notice #55) is most likely a nova [V458 Vul]; high-resolution spectra are being analyzed to confirm the object's nature. An AAVSO Alert Notice will be issued later, but the purpose of this special notice is to inform observers that:

  - N Vul 07 (19:54:24.64 +20:52:51.9 (2000.0)) has been added to the AAVSO files as 1950+20 N VUL 07.

Special Notice #83: X-ray Transient/Nova = V598 Pup; Possible Nova in Ser [V535 Ser]

November 20, 2007

1. X-ray Transient/Nova = V598 Pup

Further to AAVSO Special Notices #81 and #82, Nikolai Samus, Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences, announced (IAU Circular No. 8898, D. W. E. Green, ed.) that the bright x-ray transient and apparent nova has been assigned the name V598 Puppis [07:05:42.7 -38:14:42 (equinox 2000.0)].

Special Notice #82: Update on possible X-ray transient/Nova [V598 Pup]

November 19, 2007: Further to AAVSO Special Notice #81, precise coordinates for the optical counterpart of the new X-ray source XMMSL1 J070542.7-381442 [V598 Pup] (Read et al., ATEL 1282) have been determined. The (J2000) coordinates are

RA 07:05:42.51 (+/- 0.05 arcsec) , Dec -38:14:39.3 (+/- 0.08 arcsec)

Coordinates were determined by A. Henden using V-band images supplied by S. Dvorak.

This object has now been entered into the AAVSO Variable Star Index (VSX) as: VSX J070542.5-381439

AAVSO Special Notice #81: Possible Nova/X-ray Transient [V598 Pup]

November 18, 2007: Read et al. (ATEL #1282) report the discovery by XMM-Newton of a very bright new transient, XMMSL1 J070542.7-381442 [Nova Pup 2007 = V598 Pup], located at

07:05:42.7 -38:14:42 J2000

Special Notice #84: Optical transient (possible supernova) in The Antennae Galaxies [SN 2007sr]

December 19, 2007: A.J. Drake et al have reported in A.Tel #1337 on the detection of a bright optical transient in one of the spiral arms of the Antennae Galaxies (NGC 4038/VV 245). The object [SN 2007sr] was at magnitude 12.9 on 2007 December 18. The transient is located at the following coordinates (J2000):

RA: 12:01:52.80 , Dec: -18:58:21.72

They note the object is on the edge of one of the spiral arms, and the brightness is consistent with a supernova at the known distance of the Antennae.

Special Notice #62: Update on Blazar Monitoring Campaign

August 24, 2007: The campaign to monitor blazars as described in AAVSO Alert Notice 353 continues, and observations of any and all of the ten targets are welcomed. The VERITAS telescope is currently in standby while the Arizona monsoon season progresses, but the rainy season typically ends in late August or early September. Please observe these objects now to familiarize yourself with the fields and to establish a recent baseline of behavior for future analysis.


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