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annual campaign

AAVSO Annual Campaign 2019 – Cultivating the Future


Reach for the stars by participating in the AAVSO 2019 Annual Fundraising Campaign! Your generous contribution will support the AAVSO today and nurture the next generation of star gazers. 

AAVSO Annual Campaign 2018 -- fill our sky with stars

You and the AAVSO: Together We Explore the Variable Sky

The AAVSO CAP Program is back this year! Click here for the details and become a Citizen Astronomer Promoter

Thank you - We passed our Annual Campaign goal!

Thanks to all of our generous donors - WE MADE IT!

We not only met our Annual Campaign goal, but exceeded it by more than $1000.00.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed. 

Your continuing support makes it possible for the AAVSO to continue providing the data, tools and services scientists, educators, students, observers and the public rely on.


2016 Annual Campaign: Closing the Gap

With only a few days left in this year's Annual Campaign, we are close to reaching, and with your help, passing our goal of raising $40,000 this year. Please help us reach our goal by making a tax-deductible donation by Monday, July 11th.

By making a donation to the 2016 Annual Campaign you will help the AAVSO continue to supply scientists, citizen astronomers, educators and students with the data, tools and services they can only get from the AAVSO. 

2016 Annual Campaign: Providing Certainty in Uncertain Times

We live in exciting, unpredictable times. The boundaries of our knowledge are expanding at an accelerating rate, just like the universe we live in. It is impossible to know what the world will look like even five years from now.

Thank you for your support

There are so many ways to say thank you, but no matter what language is spoken, they all convey the same message of gratitude and appreciation. We wish to express to all our donors around the world our sincere thanks for your generosity in support of this year's annual campaign. 

Your AAVSO 2015 Annual Campaign

This year's annual campaign is all about you.

The 2014 AAVSO Annual Campaign

The AAVSO offers a plethora of tools, services and publications that are often referred to only by their acronyms. Many of the tools and programs these acronyms represent are relatively new to the AAVSO, having been invented or established in the last decade or just the last few years. Yet, many of us can’t imagine an AAVSO without these things today. 

What these acronyms really spell is progress!

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