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Charts and Sequences Update December 2012

The following charts (listed in order by constellation) have new or revised sequences since September 28, 2012. This list is quite long and includes all the stars in the new Binocular Program. A .csv file is available as an attachment here at the bottom of the page as well.

If you observe any of these stars please update your charts as soon as possible.

Charts and Sequences Update August 2012

The latest release of APASS has allowed us to create new sequences and improve older sequences for hundreds of stars.

If you would like to request a new comparison star sequence for a star that currently does not have one please see the instructions for doing so located here.

Charts and Sequences Update June 2012

The following stars have new or revised sequences since the last update April 23, 2012. Please update you charts as needed.


V 466 


updated & extended



major revision/addition



sequence revision



new sequence



new sequence



new sequence



extended fainter

VSX J02110.+171624


Charts and Sequences Updates April 2012

The following stars have new or revised sequences since April 9, 2012. If you observe any of these objects please update your observing charts as soon as possible.

Thank you, 
AAVSO Charts and Sequences Team

Primary VSX/VSP Name


Work Performed

1RXS J003828.7+250920


new sequence

RU And


major revision

T Ant


new sequence



new sequence

V733 Aql

Charts and Sequences Update January 2012

There are over 100 new and revised charts and sequences since the last update in November. Many of these are for stars in the newly formed YSO Section Program, southern stars with new photometry from APASS and campaign targets. The rest are revisions based on issues reported to CHET and requests for new sequences from our observers.

New VSP upgrades

We held another VSP workday this week and tackled a few VSP bugs and feature requests. Most of the changes are minor and I'll list them below. We did not get to everything on the list. Our next workday will probably be in a couple of months. Feel free to submit feature requests or bug reports to aavso at

As always, thanks to Michael Koppelman and Chris Watson for taking time out of their day to help us!

Charts and Sequences Update November 2011

 Dear AAVSO Observers,

The following charts and sequences have been revised since the last update September 29, 2011. This batch of updates includes many stars from the YSO Section Observing Program, as well as stars visible only from the southern hemisphere.

There are also several updated sequences for HMXBs and WR stars from Gordon Sarty's HMXB Campaign.

Charts and Sequences Update September 2011

The following stars (objects) have new or revised sequences as of September 29, 2011.

Please update your charts if you observe any of these objects.



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