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Honors and Awards

Mike Simonsen receives the AAS Chambliss Award

We are pleased, and proud, to announce that AAVSO staff member and longtime observer Mike Simonsen is the recipient of the American Astronomical Society's Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award for exemplary research by an amateur astronomer. The AAS specifically cites Mike's multiyear Z CamPaign which is dedicated to the long-term study of Z Camelopardalis stars.

Comets discovered by Brian Skiff

Comet C/2004 A1 Skiff

Comet C/2001 K3 Skiff

Comet C/2001 R6 Skiff

Comet C/2001 S1 Skiff

Comet C/1999 J2 Skiff

Comet 114P/Wiseman-Skiff

      Discovered by Jennifer Wiseman and Brian Skiff December 28, 1986, confirmed January 19, 1987

Comets discovered by Albert F. Jones

Comet Jones C/1946 P1

Comet Utsunomiya-Jones C/2000 W1

Comets and other discoveries by David Levy

(from David Levy's website
Comet Levy-Rudenko, 1984t, C/1984 V1, Nov 14, 1984
Comet Levy, 1987a, C/1987 A1, January 5, 1987
Comet Levy, 1987y, C/1987 T1,  October 11, 1987
Comet Levy, 1988e, C/1988 F1,  March 19, 1988
Comet Okazaki-Levy-Rudenko, 1989r, C/1989 Q1, August 25, 1989
Comet Levy, 1990c, C/1990 K1,  May 20, 1990
Periodic Comet Levy, P/1991 L3,  June 14, 1991
Comet Takamizawa-Levy, C/1994 G1, April 15, 1994

Comets discovered by Leslie Peltier

(from Starlight Nights by L. Peltier, 1965 edition, Sky Publishing)

(designation, date, name)

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