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new observers

An Observing Tale

by Janet A. Mattei, AAVSO Director 1973-2004, published in Eyepiece Views, September 2002.

How have you made your "friendship" with variable stars? Has it been through your observing? Or through your reading? Or through your training?

Visual Observing Manual - Chinese

2012 Translation (Simplified Chinese):

目视变星观测手册 (11 MB)
Published 11 January 2012.

Visual Observing Manual - Turkish

Uyari/Cekince: Degisken Yildizlarin Gozlem El Kilavuzu'nun Ingilizce baskisinin metni yenilenmis olup, diger dillere tercumesi henuz yapilmamistir. Bu kilavuzun bazi bolumleri artik guncel degildir. Soz konusu bolumler zaman icerisinde yenilenecektir.

Visual Observing Manual - Italian

AVVISO: E' disponibile una versione più recente in lingua inglese del Manuale per l'Osservazione Visuale delle Stelle Variabili ma la versione italiana non è ancora stata aggiornata. Alcune parti della presente traduzione sono quindi obsolete e contiamo di sostituirle nel prossimo futuro.

Stars Easy to Observe

The following is a list of stars that are relatively easy to locate and observe visually with either small to mid-sized telescopes or binoculars. All are great stars for beginning observers and have impressive historical light curves to which your contributions are always welcome! The letters under "Suggested Charts" indicate the recommended 'scales' of charts used to observe these stars. Use the Variable Star Plotter (VSP) to create your own charts.

Online Resources for Beginning Observers

AAVSO Visual Observing Manual
This is the 'official' handbook for AAVSO observers. You can view it online or download it for FREE!

CCD Photometry Guide
A handbook designed for the beginning CCD Observer.


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