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AAVSO Special Notice #81: Possible Nova/X-ray Transient [V598 Pup]

November 18, 2007: Read et al. (ATEL #1282) report the discovery by XMM-Newton of a very bright new transient, XMMSL1 J070542.7-381442 [Nova Pup 2007 = V598 Pup], located at

07:05:42.7 -38:14:42 J2000

Special Notice #80: Nova Puppis 2007 = V597 Pup (AAVSO 0812-33)

November 15, 2007: Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 362, the object designated Nova Puppis 2007 (Pereira, IAU Circular 8895) has been assigned the variable star name "V597 Pup" according to N.N. Samus, Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences (Samus et al., IAU Circular 8896). Please use "V597 Pup" and/or the AAVSO designation "0812-33" when reporting observations to the AAVSO.

AAVSO Special Notice #85: Possible Nova in Vul [V459 Vul]

December 26, 2007: The CBET Unconfirmed Observation page at

has listed a new object in Vulpeculae [V459 Vul] at

19:48:08.8  +21:15:23 J2000

The discovery magnitude on December 25.354 was 8.7; the discoverer is not listed.  No minor planets are visible in this field according to the minor-planet checker.

Alert Notice 582: Nova Oph 2017 photometry requested for Swift TOO observations

June 15, 2017: Drs. Frederick Walter (Stony Brook University) and Paul Kuin (University College London) and colleagues have requested AAVSO observers' assistance in obtaining photometry of Nova Oph 2017 (TCP J17394608-2457555) in support of Target-of-Opportunity observations with Swift UVOT that have been triggered and are scheduled for the next ten days (2017 June 16 - 25), and possibly longer.

Special Notice #102: Possible Nova in Triangulum Australe [NR TrA]

April 4, 2008

Special Notice #103: V2491 Cygni (Nova in Cygnus) [Nova Cyg 2008 No. 2]

April 11, 2008

Special Notice #105: Possible Nova in Sgr [V5579 Sgr]

April 19, 2008

Special Notice #106; Nova Sgr 2008 brightening [V5579 Sgr]

April 23, 2008

Special Notice #108: Sequence available for V5579 Sgr [Nova Sgr 2008]

May 8, 2008


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