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Paul V. Temple

The Reverend Paul V. Temple

Serious Astronomy!

Leslie C. Peltier


Leslie C. Peltier, 1900 - 1980


Leslie C. Peltier


"I feel it is my duty to warn others...that they approach the oberserving of variable stars with the utmost caution. It is easy to become an addict, and as usual, the longer the indulgence is continued the more difficult it becomes to make a clean break and go back to a normal life."

Richard Huziak

Richard Huziak

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Gerald P. Dyck

Lou Cox

Lou Cox

I joined AAVSO while attending a joint AAVSO/RASC meeting in Quebec, Canada, in 1983.

John Blackwell

John Blackwell

john&c8.gifJohn Blackwell and his C8.

Photos of Danie Overbeek


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The Clinton B. Ford Observatory

—Notes by Msgr. Ron Royer, with additional information compiled from the AAVSO Archives

The Ford Observatory and the AAVSO

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