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Software Directory

Increasingly, software and data analysis are becoming the heart of what we do as astronomers, even amateur astronomers. More and more a lot of our data gathering is being handled by orbiting satellites and robotic telescopes. It is up to the human beings in the equation to analyze and interpret the results.

Sunkey Readme File

The program SUNKEY enables you to enter your sunspot data
directly into your computer.  It will run on almost any PC
operating system, including DOS, Windows 3.1, Win95, and

            *** INSTALLATION ***

To install the program, first choose a folder (directory)
where you wish to keep your sunspot data.  You may wish to
create a new folder (directory) specifically for this
purpose.  Then copy the file SUNKEY.EXE into that folder

If you operate under DOS, installation is complete.  To run

Solar Software Downloads

The software listed here may be downloaded for free. These programs will help you to prepare and analyze solar observations. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484