V4334 Sagittarii

Sakurai's Object

V4334 SGR is well known as "Sakurai's Object". It was discovered as a variable on February 20, 1996 by Yukio Sakurai of Japan while he was looking for comets. (Imagine the numbers of variables discovered this way!) At the time, it was a new 12th magnitude star thought to be a novae. But pretty soon it was realized things were not quite so simple.

TT Arietis

The Mysterious Ways of TT Arietis

It is thought that stars depicted in Vincent Van Gogh's famous 1889 painting titled "The Starry Night" form the constellation of Aries -- with the addition of Venus and the Moon.

FG Sagittae

Prepared by Aaron Price - November 1998

At the AAVSO Annual Meeting in October 1998, AAVSO Council Member Ron Royer presented a paper titled "FG Sge: Amateur Challenge, Professional Enigma". Below is the abstract:


V1478 Cyg

When searching for information, including data and charts, and when submitting observations for MWC 349 within the framework of the AAVSO, be sure to use the variable star name of V1478 Cyg!

The Emission Line Star V1478 Cyg (MWC 349)