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This page gives a list of targets matching a user-defined set of parameters including variable star type, the local time of planned observation, and magnitude, declination, and hour angle limits. Note that due to rounding of dates, some stars may lie just outside of your requested hour angle range. Under ideal conditions, given an appropriate search range of observing time, hour angle range, and declination, these stars should be visible to you at your location.

For some variable star types, particularly LPVs, if a star has a substantial number of observations in the archive (N(total)) but has not been observed in the past 30 days, we strongly encourage you to observe it! Doing so will help ensure continuity of the long-term light curves. Conversely, if a star does not have any recent observations, is historically unobserved, and has no comparison star sequence, making observations may not be scientifically useful.

Note: at this time there is a limit of 250 rows returned. Large search ranges will be truncated.

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