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Charts and Sequences Update - September 2018

The AAVSO Sequence Team has been working hard over the past year updating and improving charts and comparison star sequences. The following is a list of updates made since June 2017. If you observe any of these objects please update your charts and photometry tables with the most recent version as soon as possible. This list is also available for download in CSV, XLSX, and PDF versions (see the links at the bottom of this page).

Name Constellation Work done Date (YYMMDD)
ASASSN-15kh Ant extended fainter 180321
R Aql Aql minor revision 170901
V1427 Aql Aql add & update 180320
LSQ12dya Aqr extended fainter 171116
R Aqr Aqr extended sequence 171019
NSV 20697 Ara extended fainter 180718
SDSS J141118.31+481257.6 Boo extended fainter 180525
ASASSN-14mc Cae extended fainter 180104
ASASSN-15ah Cae added 1 fainter comp 180109
ASASSN-17qn Car extended brighter 171218
RZ Cas Cas limited seq-60 arcmin 180828
V0641 Cas Cas added brighter comps 180920
V0656 Cas Cas added fainter comps 180826
ASASSN-14ju Cen added fainter comps 180717
ASASSN-17aq Cen added 2 brighter comps 180618
ASASSN-18eg Cen extended fainter 180616
V1147 Cen Cen added two closer comps 170703
Y Cha Cha added 1 comp 180722
N Cir 2018 Cir added 2 bright comps 180209
TCP J07134590-2112330 CMa added comps 180331
RV Cnc Cnc major revision 180421
RS CVn CVn limted seq-60 arcmin 180828
NSV 12196 Cyg extend & update 180805
V0973 Cyg Cyg excluded 1 comp 180916
V1334 Cyg Cyg excluded four comps 180916
V1351 Cyg Cyg excluded one comp 180916
V1490 Cyg Cyg extended fainter 180719
XZ Cyg Cyg extended sequence 180705
LMC V1577 Dor add 1 comp 180307
Qatar-1 Dra added 3 comps 180614
ASASSN-14ei Eri extended fainter 171220
ASASSN-14md Eri extended even fainter 180108
ASASSN-14md Eri extended fainter 180104
V1117 Her Her extended fainter 170716
VY Her Her major revision 171208
NSV 535 Hyi extended fainter 171116
SS Ind Ind major revision 171206
AC LMi LMi extending seq 180623
ATLAS18olb Lyr extended fainter 180527
V0497 Lyr Lyr adding Rc values 180505
V0742 Lyr Lyr added Rc & Ic to SRO 170823
V497 Lyr Lyr extended sequence 180829
ASASSN-18pf Men major revision 180720
OGLE LMC-RCB-06 Men extended sequence 180213
ASASSN-16ow Mon extended fainter 171229
GDS_J0659049-040657 Mon minor revision 171207
PNV J11261220-6531086 Mus extended sequence 180120
KK Oph Oph major revision 170713
V0498 Oph Oph major revision 180521
PNV J06000985+1426152 Ori extended fainter 180225
V1309 Ori Ori added 1 comp 171130
IN Peg Peg added 1 comp 180915
CF Per Per amended sequence 180919
FY Per Per added comp 171015
GK Per Per add Rc & update Ic 180410
RY Per Per minor revision 171103
V0392 Per Per added brighter comps 180430
V0392 Per Per filled gap 93-132 180503
ASASSN-15aq Phe extended fainter 171116
ASASSN-16oi Pic extended fainter 180616
RZ Pic Pic extended fainter 171209
TT Psc Psc major revision 171210
ASASSN-17qd Pup extended fainter 171221
AV Pup Pup extended brighter 180401
ASASSN-15ac Pyx extended fainter 180321
VZ Scl Scl added 1 comp 180104
FG Ser Ser major revision 180521
AQ Tau Tau added 2 brighter comps 180402
CE Tau Tau added 4 comps 171012
EI TrA TrA added 1 fainter comp 180711
ASASSN-14ku Tuc extended fainter 180104
ASASSN-15ok Tuc added 1 fainter comp 171116
QZ Vul Vul extended sequence 170917


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