CHOICE courses start next week!

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Wed, 01/16/2013 - 20:10

There is still time to register and there is still room for a few more people, but you need to register soon. The CCD Image Calibration and Variable Star Classification and Light Curves courses start Monday, January 21. If you are a member, you can sign up now in the AAVSO Online Store.

CHOICE: CCD Image Calibration (Jan 21 - Feb 15) $30.00
This is an ideal course for new CCD observers. The course describes how to and why we need to calibrate photometric images. It will cover techniques for bias, dark, and flat fielding. A wide variety of user scenarios will be covered including tips for calibrating in poor observing conditions, with older equipment, different software types, etc. The content of the course will be based on chapters of Arne Henden's new unpublished book on CCD photometry. Access to a CCD camera and your own FITS images is required (AAVSOnet images will suffice).

CHOICE: Variable Star Classification and Light Curves (Jan 21 - Feb 15) $30.00
This course is an overview of the types of variable stars most commonly observed by AAVSO observers. We discuss the physical processes behind what makes each type variable and how this is demonstrated in their light curves. Variable star names and nomenclature are placed in a historical context to aid in understanding today’s classification scheme.