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CHOICE Schedule & Registration for 2018 - Non-Members

Below please find a schedule of CHOICE courses that will be taught in 2018. To read more about each course, prerequisites and recommendations, please click the title which will take you to the course description page.

For non-members, the CHOICE course participation cost is $60 USD. 
To register, please click the "Pay Now" button associated with each course you would like to take. (These buttons will not appear until registration opens for each course.)

January 29 – February 23

CCD Photometry (Part I)
Instructor: Ed Wiley

February 5 – March 3

Exoplanet Observing
Instructor: Dennis Conti

March 5 – 30

Variable Star Classification and Light Curves
Instructor: Blake Crosby

April 2 – 27

CCD Photometry (Part II)
Instructor: Phil Sullivan

April 2 – 27

Photoelectric Photometry (PEP) in the 21st Century
Instructor: Jim Kay

May 7 – June 1

Developing a Visual Observing Program
Instructor: Michael Cook

June 4 – June 29

How to Use VStar
Instructor: JoDee Baker-Maloney

September 3 – 28

DSLR Photometry
Instructor: Mark Blackford

October 1 – 26

Analyzing Data with VStar
Instructor: Brad Walter

September 3 – October 5 (note that this course is for Members Only)

Photometry Using VPhot
Instructor: Ken Menzies

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