2021 CHOICE Schedule & Registration for Members

Below is the schedule of CHOICE courses for 2021. Clicking a title will take you to the course description.

CHOICE course participation cost is $35 USD per course for members (members need to be current with their membership and logged in to their AAVSO web account to receive this pricing), and $60 per course for nonmembers.

Course registrations open on a rolling basis. Please click the respective "purchase" button below to register and pay for a course. (If a purchase button is not under the course you want, its registration is not currently open.)

February 1 - 26
Fundamental Statistics for Photometry

Instructor: Tom Calderwood

(Enrollment closed)

March 1 - 26
Variable Star Classification and Light Curves

Instructor: Blake Crosby

(Enrollment closed)

April 5 - 30
Exoplanet Observing

Instructor: Jeff Robertson

(Enrollment closed)

May 3 - 28
Observing and Counting Sunspots

Instructor: Raffaello Braga

(Enrollment closed)

May 31 - June 25
How to Use VStar

Instructor: JoDee Baker

(Enrollment closed)

June 21 - July 16
Visual Observing Basics

Instructor: Rich Roberts

(Enrollment closed)

July 5 - August 6 (5 weeks)
Photometry Using VPhot

Instructor: Ken Menzies

(Enrollment closed)

August 30 - September 24
CCD Photometry (Part I)

Instructor: Ed Wiley

(Enrollment closed)

October 11 - November 5
CCD Photometry (Part II)

Instructor: Phil Sullivan

(Course full; enrollment closed)

8 Novembre 8 - 10 Décembre (5 semaines)
Classification variable des étoiles et courbes de lumière

Instructor: Jean-Bruno Desrosiers

(Enrollment closed)

November 8 - December 10 (5 weeks)
Exoplanet Observing

Instructor: Brian Hill

(Enrollment closed)