Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSAU)
Tue, 09/16/2014 - 14:09

If you have a VStar bug to report, please feel free to post here.

You may want to check:

  1. that no-one has posted the same report here;
  2. the GitHub bug tracker to see whether the bug has already been captured. Ultimately, this is where bug reports posted here will migrate to.


Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSAU)
Further update

Hi Peter

Thanks. You might find the comments (by Max and I) in the last few hours interesting:

As you will see there, magnitude uncertainty has also been implemented.

The target name bug fix will be in the next release but further to that, when a snapshot release is made available. See Max's post here:

I'm glad the B-V plugin is helping you.

To achieve the kind of thing you're thinking about ("the most useful format would have B-V, V and B magnitudes all in one row") could probably be done via an observation sink plugin. I'll add this to the list of things to think about.


American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Order of Stars When Creating a Star Group

I created a Star Group for the Binocular Program stars.  I used the "Add Group and Stars" button and then pasted the list of stars in the order they're listed on the AAVSO Excel/CSV file.  When searching, they get re-ordered alphabetically by first character in the entry, not by constellation.  Is it possible to maintain the order of the stars as input?

The series I pasted in there was:

EG And,V0370 And,tet Aps,R Aqr,R Aql,UU Aur,psi 1 Aur,R Boo,RV Boo,RW Boo,RX Boo,FG Boo,X Cnc,RS Cnc,RT Cnc,V CVn,Y CVn,TU CVn,W CMa,VY CMa,RT Cap,R Car,S Car,U Car,AG Car,BO Car,BZ Car,CK Car,EV Car,HR Car,IX Car,ASAS J110135-6102.9,V0465 Cas,rho Cas,R Cen,T Cen,RV Cen,V0744 Cen,V0766 Cen,V0854 Cen,W Cep,RW Cep,SS Cep,AR Cep,miu Cep,T Cet,omi Cet,tet Cir,R CrB,RR CrB,SV Crv,RU Crt,BH Cru,W Cyg,RS Cyg,AF Cyg,CH Cyg,V0460 Cyg,V1070 Cyg,U Del,CT Del,EU Del,R Dor,AY Dor,RY Dra,TX Dra,UX Dra,AH Dra,Z Eri,RR Eri,BM Eri,BR Eri,TV Gem,BU Gem,pi 1 Gru,X Her,ST Her,UW Her,AC Her,IQ Her,OP Her,V0939 Her,g Her,R Hya,U Hya,V Hya,Y Hya,RT Hya,RV Hya,CL Hyi,T Ind,R Leo,R Lep,S Lep,RX Lep,Y Lyn,SV Lyn,CE Lyn,XY Lyr,HK Lyr,T Mic,CF Mic,U Mon,X Mon,RV Mon,SX Mon,BO Mus,X Oph,V0533 Oph,W Ori,BL Ori,BQ Ori,S Pav,Y Pav,GO Peg,PV Peg,SU Per,CI Phe,R Pic,Z Psc,TV Psc,V0407 Pup,L2 Pup,WX Ret,RY Sgr,UX Sgr,V1943 Sgr,AH Sco,BM Sco,V0905 Sco,SW Scl,R Sct,tau 4 Ser,Y Tau,RX Tel,BL Tel,W Tri,X TrA,DM Tuc,Z UMa,RY UMa,ST UMa,TV UMa,VW UMa,V UMi,GO Vel,MN Vel,RT Vir,RW Vir,SS Vir,SW Vir,BK Vir,FP Vir,FI Vul