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1RXS J105010.3-140431 obs crucial tonight and tomorrow

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1RXS J105010.3-140431 obs crucial tonight and tomorrow

Observations of 1RXS J105010.3-140431 are crucial tonight and tomorrow, as the HST team will be using tonight's observations in particular to decide whether to go ahead with the COS observations on May 10. See AAVSO Special Notice #351 for details.

Thank you and good observing  -  Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Dear All, HST observed

Dear All,

HST observed 1RXSJ105010.3-140431 this morning, and all went well. It was quite a relief to be safely back on track, after  the last HST observation had to be cancelled. The COS data reveal a cool white dwarf, very much as expected. While working on CVs is so exciting as they, more often than not, surprise you, it is good to see that you can get it right sometimes... though, even this one had a small surprise for us: the spectrum of the white dwarf shows a number of very strong absorption lines, most of them from carbon - and those lines will eventually tell us a lot about the companion star, which is itself too faint to be directly detected in the optical/near infrared.

Thanks once again for your support of this project - it is really the key to these  successful HST observations!

Best wishes


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