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Uploading images from my own computer

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Lew Cook
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Uploading images from my own computer

How do I find out what my VPHOT "associated" name is when I upload images from my own computer? Using my computer at Concord, CA, after several unsuccessful tries, I stumbled upon "Owner". It worked because I had an HP computer and that was the title of the directory that my subfolders were located in. Now I'm using a different computer, 5 hours across the Pacific. Copying my success, I have tried "HP_Owner" (the title of the directory structure) which didn't work. I also tried "HP_Owner\My Documents", and  "Lew Cook", - no luck. I have already uploaded files from here, but they don't show up in my image list. How do I find out what name they are "associated" with?



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Uploading images from my own computer

Hi Lew,

I have a feeling I'm misunderstanding you, but go here in VPhot:

It should tell you what you need to know.


Lew Cook
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Uploading images from my own computer

Thanks Michael for the response. Yes, that was where I started. I got thru the upload wizard just fine. Where I had problems was trying to find out my "user name" that I had uploaded the images under. The VPHOT system requires you to "associate" your uploaded images with a user name (NOT AAVSO ID - unless those just happen to be the same). My computer at home had me listed as "Owner" because to it, that's what I was. I discovered that on the fourth guess. Each time I tried to "Transfer" images and I get the message "Account has 0 images". So I try another guess.One of my computers here has me under a different name (HP_Owner). I don't know what the name would be on this machine I am typing this on.

User? Owner? User\Owner\Documents\My Documents\CCD? How can anyone tell?

To the VPHOT admin: Please delete the accounts that have no transferred images - they are non functional.

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Hi Lew,

One thing that might be happening is the type of file that the app is looking for. When it says that no files are found, is the "look for files of type..." in the dialog box (I am assuming there is one, and that it's a standard windows dialog box) set for the file type you want to upload?

For example, if the app is asking for files of type .jpg and your dialog box is set for .gif, then you just need to change the file type. If this can't be changed...

Something else you can do is: if you know the file type the app is asking for, do a windows search for files with that termination (if it's asking for files that have a .abc termination, enter .abc in the windows search box). Presumably your .abc files are all located in the same place, which will be where you upload them from.

Lew Cook
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Uploading images from my own computer

Thanks for the reply, but you missed the problem: I can upload the files just fine. That's no problem.

Where I have problems is knowing WHAT NAME THEY ARE ASSOCIATED wth. On one computer, it is OWNER. Another computer it is HP OWNER\SOMETHING-I-DON'T-REMEMBER. What is it on yet another machine????

I need to know this before they will show up in my images list.

How can I find out other than by trial-and-error?

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Image Upload


When you uploaded images from your computer, you must (?) have selected a telescope name? BUT, I gather you do not remember?

Even if you don't remember,  in your VPhot account under system look at the list of systems. One of them will hopefully prompt your memory? Select it and refresh. You should see the images.






Lew Cook
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Uploading images from my own computer

No, of course I remember the telescope name: 0.44 Newt. It was the first step in VPHOT's UPLOAD IMAGES wizard (gizzard?). That I tried. It didn't work. I keep registering account names, trying to see if there are any images associated with them, if not, I register yet another account name, and repeat the loop. The images all show up in the VPHOT PROCESSED list. What I can't do is transfer them over to my VPHOT account because:    I    haven't    been    able    to    guess    what    my    SECRET    ACCOUNT    name    IS. Maybe I'll just wait two weeks and report it from home where I know what it is:    Owner

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