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Yes I know the queue is crowded; it is working

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Yes I know the queue is crowded; it is working

Hi All:

I just wanted to tell users that we know that the queue is quite crowded right now. The system is working.

I suspect that the large set of dslr (?) images (v2455 cyg) uploaded last night are slowing things down?

If the user who regularly uploads these images could talk to me offline (email) it would be appreciated, so we can understand the situation.

Keep the faith. We are watching the queue.

Ken (MZK)


Lew Cook
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Glad I got last nites images in early!

I am glad I stayed up until 4 am loading my images! They are all Pinpoint solved, so they will go fast!

You got me beat Lew!

I didn't get mine loaded up until about 6:30 this morning.  They too are solved so will go lightning fast if they ever get to the front of the queue..  It's only been about 12 hours so far.


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A simple suggestion - Why not allow plate-solved submissions go first with high priority? It would also provide incentive for the others to do so :)


Lew Cook
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What Mike said!

Mike, I was thinking exactly the same thing as I watched, waiting for mine (almost 1000 on DQ Her - 15s each) to be processed! I was hoping to see the 71s variation. I got it!

Perhaps the next revision to VPHOT may consider this suggestion.


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