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Telescope identifier exists

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Telescope identifier exists

I and my friend were trying to create a telescope with a name T2HM which is an online telescope shared by various users. But we got an error message (see the attachment).

However, this telescope identifier does not appear on a list of Common Telescopes, neither on a list of My Telescopes when I try to upload a file. It seems that if any member creates a telescope identifier that only this member will use then no other member can use the same telescope identifier. As this identifier may be recognized from FITS header it may complicate the process for other members as they have to choose a different identifier not recognized by the VPhot.

Is there a way to create a telescope with the same identifier? Or any other idea, especially for members using online telescopes services?

Thank you very much!


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VPhot telescope names


If the information already on record in VPhot for telescope name T2HM is correct, then you are good-to-go. Your images can refer to that telescope and use its settings, even though you do not own that telescope entry. Of course if they are wrong then you have a problem; you will need to create your own telescope entry with a variation of that name. The T2HM entry you are looking at is owned by, the owner of the scope, so it should be okay.


RE: VPhot telescope names

Thank you, George.

"My telescopes" from other members cannot be found in drop down menu and unfortunately Slooh's FITS header contains apostrophe ' sign at each text field which is not recognized by VPhot. We will see if this can be changed.


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