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ASASSN-16ig: likely galactic nova 4.2° from the Galactic Centre

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ASASSN-16ig: likely galactic nova 4.2° from the Galactic Centre

discovery of a likely, heavily-obscured galactic nova –
4.2° from the Galactic Centre (ATel #9343)

Co-ordinates: 18h01m07.735s -26°31'42.01" (J2000.0)
V magnitudes: 2016 August 4.97 UT, [17.7; 5.96, [17.3; 6.96; 13.3; 8.17, 12.9.

Actually "ASASSN-16ig was discovered in images obtained on UT" 2016-08-6.96 (not "2015-10-01.29").

ASASSN-16ig in VSX:

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Spectrum by Mitsugu Fujii

"Fujii-san has confirmed spectroscopically" (Taichi Kato, vsnet-alert 20058)

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ASASSN-16ig = TCP J18010780-2631434
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Searches for the progenitor of Nova ASASSN-16ig (ATel #9352)
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ASASSN-16ig: spectroscopic follow-up observations (ATel #9359)
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Nova Sgr 2016 No. 2 = ASASSN-16ig = TCP J18010780-2631434

AAVSO Alert Notice 547 announces Nova Sgr 2016 No 2 = ASASSN-16ig = TCP J18010780-2631434. Please see the notice for details and observing instructions.

Good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ


Sebastian Otero
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Improved position and ID

Thanks to Claus Tappert and Linda Schmidtobreick we have an improved position and identification in VSX.
The progenitor is invisible and not the nearby USNO-B1.0 star which is 2" away to the SSW.
Update your charts to avoid misidentifications if you follow the nova on its way to quiescence.


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