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Possible nova in Lupus (9th mag.)

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Sebastian Otero
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Possible nova in Lupus (9th mag.)

ATel #9538 (with coordinates corrected in ATel #9539) reports on a possible 9th mag. nova in the Southern constellation Lupus discovered by the ASAS-SN team.

There is a possible GSC2.3 and Gaia counterpart 1" away but I wouldn't risk a cross-ID until more data are obtained.

The star is already in VSX as ASASSN-16kt.

Have a nice weekend,

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Nova Lup 2016 = ASASSN-16kt - Alert Notice 553

AAVSO Alert Notice 553 announces and reports on Nova Lup 2016 = PNV J15290182-4449409 = ASASSN-16kt. Please see the Notice for details and observing instructions.

Many thanks, and good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Confirm brightness of Nova Lup 2016


Hey all! This is Tom Finzell. I am a graduate student working on classical novae.

As Elizabeth pointed out, this has object has been confirmed as a classical nova. The last observation of this nova, taken on 2457659.897946 (2016 Sep. 28.39795) by PNIB, has the source at a V magnitude of -1.4. This level of brightness is unprecedented. I was hoping that someone could potentially confirm this?  If it is indeed that bright it would be (by far) the brightest nova ever observed. So It would be great to get that confirmed!

Thank you for all of your help!


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Ultrabright magnitudes are differential values

Hi Tom,

The observations of Nova Lup 2016 by PNIB at -1 are differential values, not actual magnitudes.

The nova is visual magnitude 7.5-7.6 as of last night.

best wishes,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ


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Nova Lup 2016 brightness

Hi Tom,

We just got new data from BSM_Berry.  Looking at the raw V image, I'd estimate the brightness to be about V=7.7, so I agree with Elizabeth's comment that the nova is not amazingly bright.


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Nova Lupi brightness

Hi Tom

I observed the Nova Lupi 3 hours ago (2457660.43056) and found it with visual magnitude of 8.1. 

I took a picture near that time.

good skies



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