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What is the best method in VStar to determine the precise times for T(max or min) especially for short period (<1 day) variables?


Dave Cowall (cwd)

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What I Do

I'm not sure if it is "best", but what I do is to fit a polynomial to it.  Then I examine the model for extrema.  Both of these are on the Analysis menu.

Have an extema fine day,


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MINIMA V2.3 of Bob Nelson is

MINIMA V2.3 of Bob Nelson is a good tool to find minima in different ways. You can ask Bob Nelson ( for a copy because the link in AAVSO site is broken:

PERSEA of Gracjan Maciejewski works also very well (



Mark Blackford
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Bob Nelson's Minima software

Bob Nelson's software tools are now hosted on the Variable Stars South website ( You can find the Minima program along with several others under the Software link. Cheers,


Link repaired

Hey All,

The link to Bob Nelson's software now points to the correct place. However, EBMin23 .zip downloaded just fine for me from the software directory. Is there another place where this link is broken? Also, since we do not support this software, we are not always aware when links change. If you notice that one does not work, please send an email to and we will make sure it gets fixed.



Bert Pablo
Staff Astronomer


David Benn
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Potential VStar plugin

Hi all

Cliff mentioned the currently available approach in VStar (thanks).

Perhaps Bob Nelson's algorithms could be captured as VStar plugins? Is this software Windows-only currently?

Always happy for others to help with plugin development. wink

I need to set priorities because there are plenty of things for me to work on here:

even if it was the only thing I spent my increasingly limited spare time on.

Of course, there's plenty of room for multiple tools and approaches and I've never claimed that VStar does everything, despite efforts to the contrary. indecision


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