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Low activity on this spectroscopy forum???

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Low activity on this spectroscopy forum???

Looking back on this forum over the past few months it's pretty obvious either due to lack of interest or lack of equipment that there are very few active spectroscopy members...

Any comment?


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Low activity on this spectroscopy forum???

An AAVSO Introduction to Spectroscopy course would help. 



Robin Leadbeater
AAVSO spectroscopy activity

I dont necessarily think a lack of activity here is an indication of lack of active AAVSO members doing spectroscopy. It is just not the most active of spectroscopy forums around. I see AAVSO members on other forums and I met several at last year's AAVSO/BAA meeting.  There is also a workshop being run in the US by AAVSO members which although not offcialIy AAVSO, I think was also advertised by AAVSO

There are also active US amateurs who are regularly adding large numbers of spectra to the BAA database, though I dont know specifically if they are AAVSO members.


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How "trivialized" this discipline...

If I can add my grain of salt ...
Spectroscopy is still very mysterious for many.
Personally, last year, I bought an Alpy-600 and I am currently working on understanding the BASS project software.
For shooting and basic treatment, I think I advance a lot ...
By cons, the most complicated I think is in the interpretation of spectra and the understanding of all the possibilities of this medium.
Some smalls initiations would indeed be very beneficial to "trivialized" this discipline.

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