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MyNewsFlash e-mails blocked

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MyNewsFlash e-mails blocked

Since late November, I have not received any MyNewsFlash e-mails.  After some sleuthing by HQ, they found that my e-mails were bouncing and had been blocked by my provider (AT&T).  I am able to receive other e-mail from the AAVSO (alerts, communications,etc.) just not MyNewsFlash e-mails.  Nothing in the settings for my e-mail client or AT&T's webmail shows any blocked addresses.  This is an action taken by AT&T.

Anyone else have a similar experience and, if so, what was your solution?


MyNewsFlash e-mails blocked

I too have suddenly ceased to recive MyNewsFlash e-mails by my regular email.I changed my email address inMy Profile to a gmail address and they are coming again . 

Very strange


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MyNewsFlash deliveries

Hi MNF subscribers,

After considerable investigation, we discovered that MNF messages were being blocked by some observers' email providers due to an obscure technical issue at our end. That was resolved this week (which is why Bob Modic started receiving his MNFs again).

We  also cleaned up some observer accounts that had one email address stored in one place within our data tables and a different email address stored in another place. Pat, I think your MNFs stopped coming because the email that MNF had been using was the one we had to delete. By changing your email on your My Profile page, your MNF subscription was reconnected.

If anyone is still having trouble receiving MNFs (after updating your email address on your My Profile page and saving the change), please let us know.

We thank you for using our MNF service, and we apologize to you for any inconvenience!

Good observing,


MyNewsFlash e-mails blocked

Thanks for the explanation Elizabeth and thanks to all concerned with ferreting out the cause of the problem .


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