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Ink blot test - what is this light curve

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Ink blot test - what is this light curve

Thoughts? Amplitude is about 0.3-0.4 mag.



Sebastian Otero
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LSP or Eclipsing binary

Hi Kristine,
I bet the colours of this object puts it in the red giant domain.
From the regularity of the dimming episodes I would classify it as an eclipsing binary but I have seen cases of red giants with Long Secondary Periods (LSP) with light curves reminiscent of eclipses. There doesn't seem to be a clear boundary between the LSPs with the sharpest light curves and the eclipsing binaries. This suggests that dust/disk eclipses might be involved in the LSP scenario, like in RVB stars.

In this particular case I am prone to classify it as an EA-type binary with additional variability coming from the red giant. Do the J-K and B-V support my previous comments?


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J-K = 1.06.

B - V = 1.68

It was a star a student found while looking for SRD's in the ASAS data. My gut was eclipsing binary but it was weird enough to ask around. Thanks!


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