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What does AstroImageJ software do? NewB advice needed.

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What does AstroImageJ software do? NewB advice needed.

I have successfully installed AstroImageJ  and it's uploading to Not clear what this software does or how it should be used.

I imaged CH_Cyg with B filter on 7/9/2019 and calibrated it with pixInsight which destroyed the FIT header, rendering it useless.

So I Uploaded a RAW FIT directly out of the camera (ZWO174mm-cool, taken with SGP) to VPhot, this was successful. The is below screenshot.

Not sure what I am doing, but I am doing. Any and all advice and guidance is apprecitated.

Ed Wiley has been helping me but I do not want to wear out my welcome so hoping you folks can assist.


Ed Wiley_WEY
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No wearing out

email Ed, your welcome has not worn out. :)


AstroImageJ and VPHOT help


Ed Wiley is a great resource.  Since I regularly use AstroImageJ for exoplanet research and  post variable star data to AAVSO using VPHOT, I can also provide you with some guidance.


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AAVSO Guides


If you download the following Manual about Exoplanet Observing, you will learn what AIJ is useful for. - It is used in the Exoplanet Choice Course.

I hope you have downloaded and read the AAVSO CCD Manual and the VPhot Manual? You have obviously learned how to upload images to VPhot. Do photometry next.

BTW, the reason the VPhot image list indicates "no calibration" may be due to the lack of a CALSTAT fits header, or you haven't learned how to calibrate (bias, dark, flat) with SGP?.

Ask some specific questions as needed. Ed certainly knows all this stuff, so let him be your mentor?


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