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VSX now includes more than 1 million objects

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Sebastian Otero
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VSX now includes more than 1 million objects

Hi all,

I want to share the latest news with you. Today one of the OGLE eclipsing binaries in the bulge (they are more than 400,000 new entries) became the object 1,000,000 to be added to VSX.
A week ago we "only" had 738,000 stars in our database. At the moment I write we have 1,152,405 and counting.

When the OGLE galactic variables are all imported we will have more than 1,300,000 stars catalogued and in the upcoming months the variables from ATLAS (several hundred thousands) and more new variables from ASAS-SN will be added among other lists.

(**UPDATE** September 25: We finished uploading over 650,000 new variables from OGLE and now we list 1,391,027 stars)

Every time we ulpoad a list we fight a battle between quality and quantity, we try to be as up to date as possible without compromising the quality of the data uploaded. This is tough work and I would love that you join me in my presentations about this and VSX in general at the upcoming Annual meeting in Las Cruces.

It's impossible not to mention the work of Patrick Wils, who makes these updates possible and corrects small mistakes with the database that we find along the way.

Also thanks to Patrick Schmeer and Klaus Bernhard who help us with the updates.

Best wishes and clear skies,
Sebastian and the VSX Team.

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VSX Team - A Huge Thank You

VSX Team - A Huge Thank You

I for one can readily appreciate the many hours of labor you folks invest to keep this data base current.

Tim Crawford, Sequence Team

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VSX Team

Inestimable work! You are great!

Thank you,


Eric Dose
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Outstanding! Congratulations

Outstanding! Congratulations and thanks to all involved. now seems we must observe even faster, lest the VSX entries eventually outnumber AID observations.  :)

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Congratulation to Sebastian and the whole VSX team!

Great job!

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Thanks a lot for the update, Sebastián!

Sebastián wrote: "Also thanks to Patrick Schmeer and Klaus Bernhard who help us with the updates."

My pleasure.


David Benn
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Simply incredible!

Thank you Sebastian, Patrick W & S, Klaus and all for this amazing resource. 


Proud Poppa

Nice work guys.

-Christopher Watson

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Thank you

Thanks to everyone who maintains this incredible database.  Surely a world class effort!

Tim (HTY)

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