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scopegal Batching for Variables

Hey all,

I've been using for resolving WCS of several images and I am wondering if anyone knows how to do a batch upload of images or a whole folder into
I would like to be able to upload a whole folder with 30+ images and get it to process the results for my later download, instead of going at this one image at a time.  I have tried hitting Shift and clicking on all the images but it did not work, it would only let me click on one image at a time to upload.  Ideas?


Hello! I'd suggest to install

Hello! I'd suggest to install a local version of solver. It is available for Linux and Mac, as well for Windows. In addition, such version is MUCH faster.

Best wishes, 


Thank you Tonis,

Thank you Tonis,
I found ASVR as the local solver for windows and am trying it out now :)

Yikes unfortunately that

Yikes unfortunately that program for windows is so out of date that it does not even work correctly!  It created two sets of WCS "resolved" images and neither had even been plate solved or worked at all.  Anyone got another idea(s)?  I'm definitely open to suggestions

Eric Dose
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If it's an old Windows

If it's an old Windows program, it may well run in some Compatibility mode.

Right-click on the program's icon, choose Properties, choose the Compatibility tab, then try various options. If a program worked in previous versions of Windows, one Compatibility mode or the other usually gets it to work in a more modern version.

VAastro Batching for Variables

If you have Win10 and  you have build 17063 or later you can use the command line to tar your files. Then use the tarball file option in



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