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Hello! My images are not uploading. Is VPHOT down or might the problem be on my end? Best regards.


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I have also problem with

I have also problem with uploading images to VPHOT. The upload work as normal, but I can't see my images in "View Processed Images" or in the image list.

Uploads disappeared

Same thing. Uploads seem to run OK but nothing in image list.

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VPhot upload issue

Please try again. I'm looking at the server now.
email direct if the problem continues:


VPHOT Upload Problem

Hello! I was able to identify a couple of glitches now.

1) The Quick Upload does not work for my images.

2) Upload Wizard works. However, when I uploaded a series in B,V, and I, the uploads were all identified as the first filter in the series (I in this case). When I went through the Wizard but with each filter individually, the images uploaded.

3) My stacked image did not upload. I stacked in it MPO Canopus. The error in the Upload Wizard stated that there was an invalid Exposure or Exptime.

    In the case of the stacked image, both original (pre-stacked images) were 5 seconds. In the FITS header for the stacked image, both the Exposure and ExpTime seemed fine at 5 seconds.

    Interestingly, Exptime is not present in the header for my other uploads of images that were not stacked. This may be the area of difficulty.

    I am not sure how ExpTime differs from Exposure for the stacked image (they are synonymous when I reviewed the FITS standard though I have little experience with the FITS standard). I am not sure how to correct the header.

    Interestingly, when I look at the raw and stacked image headers in AIP4WIN, ExpTime is present rather than Exposure, so it appears that VPHOT converts the ExpTime that is present in the image FITS header Exposure after VPHOT upload?

    Of note, VPHOT was uploading my stacked images in the past. Best regards.


    I just tried to upload my

    I just tried to upload my stacked image again.


    Quick upload seems to be working. The upload Wizard gives the same error with Exposure and ExpTime as I noted above.


    In the Upload Wizard, I tried to upload 4 images - 2 in I and 2 in B (time series, calibrated, not stacked). The I images were the first in line. All images were listed as I images in my image list.


    When I repeated this with Quick Upload, the images filters were listed correctly.


    So, Quick Upload seems to be working but the Wizard still has some glitches. Best regards.



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Filter selected in Wizard - What really happens?

Hi Mike:

Based on your description, I suspect when you tried to use the Wizard to upload your four images (2I and 2B), the initial test image was the I filter. After the Wizard said it was acceptable and showed the filter as I, you proceeded to the next step and selected all four images and as you stated the I image was first in line. In this case, the Wizard assumes that all the images are I filter and assigned all of them as I images. That is why all of the four images in your image list showed them as I.

If you had changed the test image filter to "blank", I believe the Wizard would have looked at each image filter header and reported the correct filter in the image list.

In fact, IF you had used a specific test target/filter image and then selected multiple images with both different filters and different targets, take a look at what you receive in your image list.

What does that mean the Wizard assumes about your different images?

Why not give this a try and see what happens, and report finding?


BTW, IF your normal images have the necessary fits headers and work in Quick Upload, why do you often switch to using the Wizard?

Upload OK

Just uploaded 18 images (Simple with object name and filter specified manually). All went OK. Thanks.

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Upload OK

Quick upload worked for me now. Thanks

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