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Software Resources

  • The AAVSO facility VPHOT is available to members for processing CCD images and performing photometry.
  • AIP4WIN, astronomical image processing software that accompanies the book The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing, by Berry and Burnell.  Many observers find this software inexpensive, functional, and easy to use.
  • The AAVSO program VSTAR is a platform-independent data analysis package for analyzing astronomical time-series data.  It does not yet have a module for computing the time-of-minimum of an EB time-series.
  • The program AVE, written by a group of Spanish eclipsing binary observers in the late 1990s, is a very good tool for determining times of minimum.  Its user interface is in Spanish, but this generally does not present a problem.  The download site for this seems to have disappeared, but a .zip file containing the program is available at the bottom of this page. We do not mean to circumvent the authors of this useful program, and would welcome being updated regarding an official download site.  The version offered here is rather dated, and appears to use a Windows 16-bit installer.  So, it will install on Windows XP, but not in Windows 7.  To install it on a computer running Windows 7 Professional (not available on Windows 7 Home or Home Premium, as far as we know), first install  Windows Virtual PC, and Windows XP Mode.  Then install AVE on the Windows XP virtual machine.  Instructions (in English) regarding how to use the program are still available at the original site.
  • Peranso is a multi-purpose shareware program for analysis of astronomical time-series data.  If you use it to determine ToMs, ensure you are using version 2.50 or later.
  • Bob Nelson's program "minima" is available from his website.  It can compute ToMs using a variety of different algorithms.  Also, his program "EBmin" generates predictions of minima suitable for observation from your location.

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