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VSX Registration -- Unique E-mail Needed? Why?

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VSX Registration -- Unique E-mail Needed? Why?

I've tried to register for VSX, but it won't let me use my astronomy e-mail, and asks for another (?!?)

I try to organize my life -- just a little -- by having two e-mail addresses; one for astronomy, and one for everything else.  I'm surely just whining here , but not only do I not have a different astronomy e-mail, but I really don't want one, either.

Given the incredible weath of detailed, accurate information accessed through the VSX site, I can appreciate the desire to protect the database, and can only guess at all the work involved -- its a terrific resource!  My knowledge of internet security must be both inadequate and naive -- I just can't see why a new e-mail address is needed.

Is there any way I can register with my existing e-mail address, or do I need to go out and establish a new one?

Clear skies,

Brad Vietje

Newbury, VT

Password reset

Hi Brad,

You are already registered with username B.P.Vietje.  An email to reset your password has been sent.


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