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Course Curriculum and Exercises

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Aaron Price
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Course Curriculum and Exercises

Hi, all! Welcome to the start of the course.

Below are links to the course curricuium. It consists of three files. The main curriculum is a general introduction to bias frames, dark frames and flat fielding. It also includes the four exercises due by the end of the course. The other two files are chapters from Arne's photometry book, which is still being written. They go into more detail. I recommend beginning with the main curriculum and then reading Arne's chapters.

Please post any questions to the forum. Do not e-mail questions to me. It's important that everyone sees everyone else's questions so we can learn from each other. I will monitor the forum every weekday or so and will call in Arne when we need his expertise. Feel free to ask image calibration questions on topics not covered in the curriculum. However, realize this is an introductory level class so we will not get into advanced topics such as transformation coefficients (a separate class will likely be offered on that in the future).

Please do not share these documents with anyone outside of this course without getting prior permission from Arne or the AAVSO. This is the first time we have taught this course topic, so we're open to suggestions and corrections to all of these documents.

Thanks and have fun!

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