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dates on VPhot reports

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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dates on VPhot reports

On occasion I cannot get to my VPhot analysis for a few days and my BSM data piles up. The problem: VPhot tagges the date as the date of the report, not the date of the observation. If we are keeping the reports, then this produces reports with the same data and this causes problem in saving the reports. I have taken to replacing the dates generated by the report with the date of observation, a pain.

Is it possible to change the output such that the actualy date of observation is reported rather than the date of analysis?


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To-Do list

Hi Ed:

It's on the to-do list.

I normally run my images each night (as you do), which obviously makes it a non-issue. But, I do understand. You clearly know how to work around the issue. It does take time to rename a file but perhaps not too much of a pain? Easy for me to say. ;-)


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Dates on the VPhot AAVSO report files

This has bothered me too. Having the date of observation and the target too would be a help.

- what if the report has multiple targets?

- what if the report has multiple days? The image files will have the JD, but an observing night can span two local days.

All issues that need to be sorted out. None insurmontable.



Ed Wiley_WEY
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Pain is bearable

Thanks for the comment, Ken.The pain is bearble, a little cut and paste.But it is good to know that this issue is on the to-do-list.

George, I agree. If you are not careful you get the dreaded "(1)" with the same name. So I cut and paste immediately after I get the txt file and before I submit. A double date would be even more definitive and would adress the other issue you raised.


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